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Ikan Livecom 1000 Intercom System

The only two things I personally wasn’t a fan of was that the lowest heat setting was still too hot for my hair since it’s thin and therefore caused a line to imprint on my hair near the root. My old straighter’s lowest heat setting was 300 and the Hairitagr was 330. The other thing I would change is the On/Off button; I would make it a different color. It’s on the inside of the handle and the first time I used this it took me a minute to find it. Please note that ONLY WATER could be added to the water tank, no oils or other liquids should be added. The ceramic plates heat up evenly and steadily, causing less damage and more health. It features adjustable modes of 5 different temperature settings for dry & wet hair, so you can find the appropriate mode to effectively shape your hair.

CD/CDR Drive Review

Note that like most audio CD recorders, this unit requires music-type CD-Rs or CD-RWs, rather than the less expensive data-style CDs. If you chose to use your disc “Like a USB flash drive” in the last menu, then writing to your CD or DVD media requires no extra steps. A File Explorer window to your optical disc drive will open, and to write to it all you have to do is copy files directly to the drive in File Explorer. You can drag and drop files into the window or copy and paste them there. The 882 DualBurn is, as its name suggests, a dual–transport CD player/recorder.

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When we received the ask from both Intel and AMD to review their newest HEDT workstation parts, I was nervous. Normally I work on STH’s new CPU reviews, but I was in Taiwan, Utah, then Austin for Dell Tech World, followed by Denver for Supercomputing. For a couple of years, I have been following Prague-based Okto Research. At first, Pavel Krasensky, the founder and hardware developer, offered audio design ideas and DIY modules that I found tantalizing. For example, there was a dandy-looking ESS 9038Pro Sabre–based output module and some appealing power supply modules—but to use those, the buyer had to manage inputs and integration on their own. As a side note, this scenario requires well above 1GB of RAM. Therefore, Atom-based tablets with only 1GB won’t be able to achieve the same smoothness and the system will lag a lot every time memory utilization goes above 1GB.

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For example, a 1X DVD-ROM drive transfers data at 1,250KBps, whereas a 1X CD-ROM drive transfers data at only 150KBps. By 1998, multispeed DVD-ROM drives became available that were capable of reading DVD media at double-speed, resulting in a transfer rate of 2,700 KBps, and of rotating CDs at 24X. By the end of that year DVD drive speeds had increased to 5X.

In a few short years AMD has gone from trailing behind Intel and relying on budget processors to increase adoption, to surpassing Intel on nearly every front . If you’ve never given AMD any thought in your life, now is the time to pay attention. The Ryzen X faired extremely well in our usual Geekbench 4 test, too.


This is only a four-core processor so you probably won’t see it outperforming the most high-end CPUs on the market. For applications that only use up to four cores, such as many PC games, this is a great choice that runs beautifully. The 22nm design of this processor from Intel is great for mobility and low power consumption which leaves you with more power for overclocking. It includes a heatsink and fan, but you might want to utilize liquid cooling once overclocked. This is just a tremendous CPU for overclocking and it offers excellent performance and speed even right out of the box. It’s an 8-core processor with 8MB of L2 cache memory which keeps it running quick and reliable even when you have a lot of things happening at once. It runs at 4.7GHz, which is very good just for a standard frequency.

The Core i K is built on the same Socket LGA1200 package as its predecessor, and the package is physically of the same size as the i7-860 from 2009. The new Cypress Cove CPU cores are significantly larger than the “Skylake” cores on “Comet Lake,” and the new Gen12 Xe LP iGPU is larger than the Gen 9.5 unit, too. As a result, elongating the die to cram in more cores wasn’t an option. Add to this that the 14 nm node limits the power budget, and the 10-core Comet Lake was already flirting with 250 W package power draw.